DOWN A DARK RIVER by Karen Odden

As the Thames Ebbs and Flows, So Does the Trust in Scotland Yard

Cover of Book – Man Dressed in Victorian Clothing Looking at London Across the Thames River

Author Karen Odden once again brings Victorian England to vivid life in her new thriller, DOWN A DARK RIVER: An Inspector Corravan Mystery.

Inspector Michael Corravan is trying to prove that Scotland Yard is an effective and necessary institution. After the recent trial and scandal involving several detectives, the public distrusts their work, and most newspaper reporters agree. But Corravan had come to the Yard to remove himself from the corrupt River Police, where he previously worked, and he’s determined to prove that the Yard is now trustworthy.

Scotland Yard appointed a new director, Howard Vincent, after the bribery scandal. Corravan resents him because he has no prior police experience, and he’s not sure how effective a man with no experience can be. Vincent assigns Corravan to investigate a dead woman floating down the Thames in a small boat—a lighter—used to transport goods. Of course, Corravan has experience working the river, but he’s none too happy to be pulled away from the missing person’s case he’s been working on for three weeks, with no results. And he knows the head of the River Police—Blair, his former boss—will resent his involvement.

The case of the missing woman almost bothers him more than the murder.

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