Margaret Truman’s MURDER AT THE CDC by Jon Land – A Capital Crimes Novel

American Civil War Only One Bioweapon Away

Cover of Book – Blood on steps of Capitol

In true Jon Land fashion, this bestselling author uses current alarming events to create the story of his newest thriller, MARGARET TRUMAN’S MURDER AT THE CDC.

High-security-operative-turned-PI Robert Brixton returns in book 32 of The Capital Crimes series. He is “the gunfighter who tried to hang up his guns but couldn’t because his old life kept reaching for him.” This time, it’s even more personal when his grandson comes close to being shot in a massacre on the steps of the Capitol. As if investigating a mass shooting wasn’t enough, Robert’s best friend and ally, highly connected DC attorney Mackensie “Mac” Smith, worries that his grown daughter, Alexandra, whom he’s just met, has stumbled upon a dangerous conspiracy through her job at the CDC and needs his help.

As the story unfolds, it soon becomes apparent that the poisoning of seven children at a Baltimore school with a deadly unidentified toxin is somehow connected to the Capitol shooting.

Capitol Police Officer Kelly Loftus is on the scene at the shooting and secures information about the shooter. She hands most of the evidence over to the FBI but keeps a list of phone numbers to investigate herself. She has no idea that making those calls will catapult her into the middle of a homegrown plan to hijack American democracy with weaponized biological poison.

Can Brixton, Smith, and Lofton find the madman who’s rallying the far-right to create a new American society before he uses biowarfare against millions of Americans? The alternative is too terrifying to consider.

In a candid interview with The Big Thrill, Land discusses the impetus behind the story, how he worked current events in the news cycle into the novel, and why the message from the story is more important now than ever.

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