BEACH WEDDING by Michael Ledwidge

High Society Homicide in the Hamptons

Cover of Book – Picture of a man in suit walking on beach

Bestselling author Michael Ledwidge takes readers on a trip to a high society wedding in The Hamptons in his newest thriller, BEACH WEDDING. But lurking under the soft sand and salty surf is a decades-old crime that quickly takes center stage.

Tom Rourke is now a wealthy financial wizard on Wall Street and wants to host the wedding of a lifetime at a mansion in Southampton, on ritzy Meadow Lane. The Rourkes were from “the poor man’s Hamptons—Hampton Bays across the Shinnecock Inlet.” They were “townies” from “the-split-level-born class.” Growing up on the outside of high-society looking in, Tom wants everyone to know he’s made it.

But there’s a reason Tom picked a mansion on Meadow Lane.

Noah Sutton’s estate is on Meadow Lane, and his murder had ruined the Rourke family 20 years before. The Suttons were often called “the Kennedys of the tristate area.” Tom and his brother, Terry know all too well how their father, Sean—the lead prosecutor in the murder trial—was ostracized after his efforts ended in a mistrial.

Someone murdered Noah Sutton on July 5, 1999, after his big July 4th party, where Terry was tending bar. Now Terry is the lead sergeant of the street crime squad in Philly, and he’s discovered clues about Noah’s cold murder case that he’s compelled to pursue. As he gets closer to uncovering the killer’s secrets, his investigation catapults his family into danger.

Terry Rourke’s character uses witty and sardonic humor as he traverses a world he left behind 20 years before. And just like Terry, Ledwidge’s wry and irreverent banter entertains his audience.

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