A DANGEROUS MAN – A Novel by J. L. Engel

Vicious Vigilante Leaves a Bloody Trail on His Quest to Stop Human Trafficking

Book Cover – Silhouette of Man in Jail Cell

In his debut novel, A Dangerous Man (Olympia Publishers), author J.L. Engel spotlights the atrocity of human trafficking as victims are avenged by a skilled and murderous vigilante determined to exact justice.

The man nicknamed Ghost is exactly what his name implies: invisible. Some also know him as the “ultimate killer” or “Ares Incarnate.” A CIA splinter-cell operative, he’s on a mission to end one of the largest human trafficking rings on the planet, and he’ll do whatever it takes to free its victims and bring them both the freedom and the justice they deserve.

Ghost must also exact revenge on the man who ruined the only happiness he’d ever experienced and caused the demise of the family he was never meant to have. 


Yuri “The Wolf” Kurikova — the leader of a Russian crime family who’d marketed a billion-dollar global sex-slavery ring — is responsible for tearing Ghost’s family apart. Kurikova employs only Russians and many are elite Spetznaz soldiers, “among the toughest soldiers the world had to offer, at times bordering on the thin line of insanity.” But even their brutality could not protect them from Ghost’s retribution.

FBI Special Agent Connor Stone looks like a boy scout, but he has his own deadly history. Stone was the Ghost’s “domestic liaison for a CIA splinter cell operating in the states.” He knows that Ghost — at 6’5” and 260 pounds — is “a one-man army … as if he were some hybrid machine, the prototype of a mad scientist’s machination marrying the strength and durability of a tank with the speed and maneuverability of a Ferrari.” 

Gulf War veteran and Boston PD Lieutenant Detective Randal McCrary is assigned to assist Stone with the investigation in Boston. His involvement brings him both heartbreak and reinvention.

And the ultimate puppeteer is the clandestine Mr. X, a U.S. operative who plays by his own rules. 

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