CRIMSON SUMMER by Heather Graham

Apocalyptic Execution in the Everglades

Cover of Book – Boat Floating in the Everglades

The Book of Revelation’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse take center stage in bestselling author Heather Graham’s second novel in the Four Horsemen series, CRIMSON SUMMER.

It first appears to be a gang-war killing deep in Florida’s Everglades. Someone executed 20 gang members, turning the swamp water red. But as law enforcement works the scene, they find a small red horse. It appears to be a toy. But Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Special Agent Amy Larson knows it’s part of a sinister plan to exact justice against the wicked. She and her boyfriend, FBI Special Agent Hunter Forrest, also found a small red horse on their room service tray with the chocolate and champagne, while vacationing in the Bahamas.

In a prior case, Larson and Forrest had arrested Ethan Morrison, the leader of a cult who proclaimed to be a messiah, and also the White Horseman—the Chosen One. Is Morrison involved in the current massacre? It seems the connection isn’t a coincidence.

When someone murders members of a rival gang in New York City, it first appears to be a revenge massacre. But what if the murders are part of a plot to pit rivals against each other, causing infinite retribution? Law enforcement can’t help but notice the similarities between the current murders and the cult executions. Forrest knows how cults work—he was raised in one until his family escaped.

This is war, and failure is not an option. No one knows who’s at the top of the pyramid—the Red Horseman—who assigns the killings. But it’s clear that if they don’t accomplish their mission, they will be tortured and killed, along with their loved ones. As with a cult, the leader recruits volunteers who can’t leave and live to tell about it.

It soon becomes clear there’s a grand scheme to exterminate the wicked and build a new world order. But can Larson and Forrest identify the puppet master before they sacrifice more lives?

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