POINT LAST SEEN – A Novel by Christina Dodd

Found in the City of Lost Souls

Cover of Novel – Woman Standing on Beach Looking Out at Water

In her new thriller, POINT LAST SEEN, bestselling author Christina Dodd takes readers to Big Sur on the California coast and the town of Gothic, “City of Lost Souls.”

Adam Ramsdell has lived in the tiny town of Gothic for five years, but he’s still practically a stranger to most. He keeps to himself. But the odd thing is, whenever one of the town’s residents is in trouble or needs a hand, Adam is right there to assist.

Madame Rune is the town’s resident psychic. After enlisting Adam to reenact a joust for the upcoming psychic festival held in Gothic every year, she also tells Adam that his “aura is turbulent,” and he will find “a lost soul coming to challenge his being” at the sea. When he follows Rune’s advice to go to the seashore, he sees a large object, draped in black plastic, lying in the surf. Just ocean junk, he thinks. But when he feels compelled to investigate, a wave moves the object, and a woman’s arm flops out.

Elle drowned in the ocean, dead when Adam found her. But as he carries her over his shoulder to save her body from the seabirds, she vomits seawater and starts breathing again. Covered in bruises and cuts, it is obvious someone had beaten her. But she can’t remember anything—who she is or how she got there. The only thing she knows is that her name begins with Elle.

As Adam cares for Elle, he and Madame Rune struggle to help her remember her past, all while Elle makes fast friends with the residents of Gothic. Adam has kept his tragic past a secret, but because of it, he knows he should remain vigilant. Someone hurt Elle, and they might want to finish the job. As Elle pieces together her identity, Adam and the town realize the danger is just beginning. They each have secrets that might tear their lives apart.

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