NUMBER ONE FAN by Meg Elison

Being a Literary Star Isn’t All It’s Written Up to Be

Cover of Book – Pages from a Novel and a Dark House in Desert

Everyone loves fame and fortune, right? But what happens when a fan’s obsession turns into a deadly pursuit because of jealous rage? In her newest thriller, NUMBER ONE FAN, award-winning author Meg Elison takes readers into the convoluted mind of a fanatic stalker whose yearning for stardom sends him over the edge.

Literary celebrity Eli Grey is on the road, promoting the eighth book in her insanely popular Millicent Michaelson fantasy series. But when Eli gets into a car without making sure it’s the ride she ordered, her negligence results in her abduction.

Eli wakes in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar place, with her ankle chained to the bed frame. A “praying-mantis of a man” has kidnapped her. He seems familiar, in a weird, out-of-body-experience sort of way, but she can’t place him.

Leonard Lobovich knows he’s a talented author, but he just hasn’t been able to convince everyone else. The first time Leonard read the first Millicent Michaelson book was in college, and it changed his view of the world. Since then, his fan fiction has done okay—at least the part that people claimed he’d copied—and he believed it was his destiny to take over the popular Hand of Fate fantasy series when the author died. It wasn’t fair that everyone thought he’d plagiarized for that series, as well, which caused his downfall.

Now Leonard has plans to become one of the most famous authors on the planet, but he needs a real-life Millicent Michaelson to make that happen. And that’s just where Eli comes in. But her cooperation is far from guaranteed.

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