A Love Letter to Motherhood and Belonging

“Why is it that women have to pay the price for men’s desires?”

This is the question asked by the protagonist in Jean Kwok’s newest suspenseful literary masterpiece, THE LEFTOVER WOMAN. It is a story about two very different women and what each will do to protect the daughter they both love.

What is it like to feel invisible? Jasmine knows all too well.

“In China, I’d seen posters warning girls of the danger of becoming leftover women, women that no one wanted. Leftover like scraps on a table, uneaten food, both a sacrilege and wasteful, something that should have nourished our country squandered and turned into rubbish; unwanted, purposeless, of no use to anyone. I was a leftover woman, I realized.”

This beautifully written book is one of my favorites. It’s actually stunning. See my full review and interview with Jean Kwok at The Big Thrill.

The Leftover Woman with Jean Kwok.