The Actress Depression – Coming to a Theater Near You

Depression is such a wonderful actress, the mistress of disguises.  She plays so many roles so convincingly that it’s hard to distinguish her from routine life.  She dresses up in her favorite costume and insinuates herself into every aspect of your life, both public and private.  Uninvited – she doesn’t care.  But she knows when you’re most vulnerable for her performances.  Sadness, loss, rejection, stress.  Our mistress knows the best times to entertain you with her show.


Depression dons the disguise of your new best friend, convincing you that you can always confide in her, listen to her, take her advice, follow her lead.  She talks you into believing that staying in bed under your covers is the best way to deal with the day.  She makes you believe that confiding in people other than her is not a good idea.  Yes, our girl is quite the selfish one – she wants your undivided attention.


Depression sometimes makes believe she is a long-lost acquaintance; one you’ve been missing and waiting to see.  Forcing you to choose between her company and those of your family and friends.  Finally convincing you that she should be able to monopolize your attention; that it is only right.


Depression does whatever she needs to do to dominate your life.  She acts out a sad drama to cry over, she portrays a boring lecturer to make you sleepy.  She loves to cause unexpected tears and fatigue.  That is her mission – to control your life with her performances.


She is Academy-Award-winning, and has taken her bows far too many times.


Know her for what she is – just an actress.  You don’t have to watch her performances; you don’t have to live through her dramas.  If you are one to receive a special invitation to the show, politely inform her that you have better things to do with your life.


Recognize Depression when you see her. Talk to a girlfriend, don’t be afraid to live through whatever feelings you’re dealing with, go to a mental health professional, take medication if your doctor suggests them.  Just don’t be mesmerized by the Oscar-winner’s performance.  Decide that the highlight of her illustrious career is over, and get on with your life.

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