Australia Offers $100K for Island Blogger

Would you like to work here???hamilton-island1


Well, I must say – it does sound too good to be true.  But a state in Australia is adverstising a job for someone to live in a multimillion dollar home on Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, work 12 hours a month caretaking, video their experience, and then maintain a daily blog.  Hmmmm…..I wonder what my boss would say about this? 

But this arrangement would give a writer time to actually write, and a blogger time to blog.  (I’m getting chill bumps!)  And you’d get paid for it!   (But I’d hate to be part of the selection committee!!  Yikes!!!  I’m sure their eyes would be just about crossed after looking at the millions of video apps they are bound to receive.)

But one lucky winner….

You can read about it here (among other news sites):,2933,479747,00.html

And can apply at  (if you can get on, that is.  The site was apparently shorted-out and closed down within 24 hours, but was up and running again just a few minutes ago.  Yes, I admit.  I did check it out!)

Good luck!!

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