Sometimes You Need to Focus on the Tree and Not the Forest…


Dreaming Big?

We all have dreams.  We all have big ideas:  things we want to do in our lives, our goals, our mission.  But what if the dream is just too big to wrap your brain around all at once?   We’ve accepted the challenge to “dream big.”  What then?  If our focus is too wide, we will end up wandering in all directions, losing time and straying from our map. 

My Pyramid

How to Climb a Pyramid

If your goal is to stand atop the highest pyramid, you have to get there by putting one foot in front of the other.  If you’ve ever tried it, you know.  That’s the only way to climb a pyramid. 

That is the key – make it simple by taking one step at a time.  Be happy in accomplishing each small step.  And if you add up all the small steps, you will eventually reach the summit – you’ll be standing on top of the pyramid, and looking down on all the distance you’ve traveled.

Babysteps – The Way We All Learned to Travel

In thinking of it this way, a person would be crazy to expect to reach the top in the blink of an eye.  It’s usually impossible, and it’s discouraging when it can’t be done.  Discouragement leads to frustration, which leads to depression, which leads to surrender.  These are the enemies. 

So don’t even try it.  Be content in taking each small step – break your journey down into chunks.  You may stumble here and there, and have to sit awhile to regain your breath.  But that’s OK – you can get up again and continue on your way.  And be happy that your legs still work, and you can still see the top.  And after awhile, you will be able to look back and see how many steps you’ve taken, and gain the confidence of knowing that you can reach the top.  The goal can be attained – it just takes awhile.

“To Do” List

And I find that it helps to write it down.  Note the small steps as daily or weekly goals, and check them off each time you finish one.    You just have to organize it properly by having a manageable and realistic gameplan.  It feels really good to check off each task, regardless of how small it is.

Be patient.  Keep it simple.  Rejoice in each small goal accomplished, and accept the happiness that comes with it.  Concentration is a state of mind, as is satisfaction.

Intervention From a Wise Man

Thank you, husband, for making me see the necessity for, and the beauty in, the baby steps which eventually lead us to our dreams.

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