On the Eve of Goodbye…


My little boy has now grown up and has made his own decision.  He will ship off to the Naval Station Great Lakes/Recruit Training Command (just north of Chicago) on Monday.  I thought I would be able to compartmentalize my feelings about this, but am now brutally aware that this task is not so easy.  I am feeling quite a bit of trepidation for Monday.  And not to mention the unease of the very dangerous career my son has opted to pursue.

Andrew’s going-away dinner will be tonight, with happiness and sadness mixed into the menu.  He’s my only child that will have moved away.  I am only hoping that he will be safe, and happy, and that he doesn’t become a stranger to me.  Hopefully he has the very good memories of his childhood to take with him.  Hopefully the foundation for success and self-fulfillment and happiness has been laid.

He will no longer be the little boy, but will begin his adventure into manhood.  I guess my job is done.

The Eve of Goodbye is almost as hard as the goodbye itself.


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