On Bronzing Baby Boy Boot-ies…

Just hours before he left us for the Navy, my son talked of how he would miss his steel-toed work boots.  He said he LOVED his steel toed boots.  I told him we should put them in his treasure trunk, but he said “No, you should bronze them.”


And the Question Is….

How much do you think it would cost to bronze size 14.5 boot-ies??

But After the Laugh was Over…

After my son walked out the front door for the last time, I sat down in my back yard and cried.  Then through my tears, I saw his boots sitting haphazardly on the back porch, as they usually did.  I gingerly picked them up, old and beat up as they were, and put them in his room.  I couldn’t stand the thought of them getting wet in the rain.

Now the work boots have been replaced by Military boots, which will hopefully walk him back home to us one day.

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