An Interesting Find at the Bookstore: 9-11 Remembered (Comic Book Style)…

9-11 Comic0001Last night, my two kids and I went to one of my favorite places – Half-Priced Books.  One of my kids was interested in comics (HPB’s selection of comics is awesome!), and the other kid was interested in books with cool drawings of war and battle (he’s creating his characters for the screenplay he’s writing – at eight years old!). Consequently, I was helping both look for their treasures, looking through the books of “comic book” collections, when I found this 9-11 comic book. 

The World’s Finest Comic Book Writers & Artists Tell Stories to Remember. 9-11.

(Copyright at 2002 DC Comics)

Two hundred famous comic book creators, artists, and writers put together a two-volume set (this is volume 2), in comic-book form, which depicts some of the stories from 9-11. It appears there are some true stories, and then there are some stories which focus on the meaning of 9-11 and its fallout. 

  • Section 1    Nightmares
  • Section 2    Heroes
  • Section 3    Recollections
  • Section 4    Unity
  • Section 5    Dreams
  • Section 6    Reflections

And a quote from the back cover:

     “Superman bemoans the fact that he’s ‘Unreal'”

The front cover shows a picture of a myriad of people, mainly rescue workers, with Superman (and Superdog) looking on, their capes blowing in the wind, with the word “WOW” in the dialogue bubble. 

In addition, the publishers, DC Comics, donated all proceeds from both volumes to the victims and families of 9-11.

It’s a very, very interesting book – I had no idea that such a book had been created.  Well worth checking out, and something to keep for our children when they’re grown and trying to understand and explain to their kids what happened that horrible, surreal day.

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