What Can A Quarter Buy You???…

quarterWhat Can A Quarter Buy You These Days???

Well, a quarter can buy you two pieces of “penny” candy, one-fourth of a soda (if you’re very lucky), one song on the jukebox (if you can find an older, probably dusty, cafe), and a super-ball from the “gum machine” in the lobby of the Chinese buffet.  (Tattoos are now fifty cents).

But not all prices have risen due to inflation: I learned last weekend that a quarter can apparently buy you a HUGE helping of disappointment (but I’m not going into the specifics).

However, another thing I realized though, was that, just like the quarter, disappointment can quickly change its face into positive energy and good luck, as if someone had just flipped a coin, and everything was different after it landed tails up instead of tails down.

So now I think of my quarter flipping up into the air, where the bright sunlight makes it sparkle and shine, and finally landing at the end of a rainbow. Sounds pretty good, so I’ll take those quarters!!! (And after all – they add up!)

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