On Having Grown Children… MYOB…

Stick Fig HeartIt’s great to have gotten through the terrible two’s, the know-it-all teen years, and most of the angst your kids suffered while they were  growing up. You now have grown children whom you’re proud of – they have their own problems to deal with, but they’re THEIR problems. Not ours.

And that’s one thing we parents have to learn when dealing with grown children:


Or, in simpler terms:

M Y O B!!!!

(Unless of course they need help, and then they’re usually more than willing, even happy and enthusiastic, to accept handouts and help out of their jams).

Hey – if any of my kids are reading this – DON’T  WORRY:  it’s not YOU!  (It’s the “OTHER” one).

(Note to parents:  Kind of like telling each of your kids on the sly that they’re your favorite, but to keep it a secret!).

Kids – gotta love ’em!!

2 Thoughts

  1. I try to stay out of their business but when they tell all their business its hard to figure out whether I should give advice or say, WHAT THE HECK??? Do I listen like a friend or a parent, its confusing because I don’t want them to stop confiding because I’m so judgmental, thats how my mom was so she really doesn’t know my business even to this day, sad but true.
    have a good one


  2. Hi Lisa – you are EXACTLY right. Sometimes they tell too much, so it’s very hard to know. And I’m the same as you with my mom – I learned early on not to tell my parents anything that might come back to bite me in the butt. But I will say that I’m glad my kids feel close enough to me to share things with me – I guess I’d rather hear everything and just keep my mouth shut than not hear anything at all!


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