On the Debate About President Obama’s Speech to Kids…

obama_portrait_146pxWell, I was finally able to read the script for the speech that President Obama made to schoolchildren this week.  I have to say that his message was a very good one – I thought his speech was very inspirational, and very relevant to the mission of all of us – parents, teachers, and the community alike – which is to help our kids get the education that they need, especially in today’s world.  The message to the kids – Don’t give up on yourselves, no matter what.

There was not one political comment in the entire speech, and no mention of healthcare reform. Exactly what was the concern to political conservatives?  If someone has the answer, please let me know, because I don’t get it. Was it just the chance that he might try to recruit kids into his political agenda?

And another thing we have to keep in mind when we consider a public official, or anyone for that matter, trying to encourage our kids to do their best and have faith in themselves, is that even though many of us might say our kids don’t need this encouragement from the “outside” – we as parents will handle it – we have to remember that many kids don’t have the advantage of parents who encourage and build self-esteem.  What about those kids?  Although Obama’s speech was made for all kids, I think he had a special intention to reach those kids who might be falling through the cracks – the ones who especially need the extra inspiration and belief in themselves.

If you haven’t yet read the speech, please do so.  My kids weren’t shown the speech in school, but I wish they had been.  And I, for one, appreciate Obama for taking the time, and suffering through the criticism and controversy, to try to inspire our young ones.  Not to solicit them to be democrats or to support him in healthcare reform, but to be strong in character and determination, and to get their education so that they can be successful and productive members of society. Amen to that.  And as he said in ending his speech:

“God bless you, and God bless America.”

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