You Know You’re Having a Bad Day When….

Fizzle Chick 04-20-09How Bad Was Your Day??

You know you’re having a bad day when you are chastised by both the garbage man and the local Freecycle moderator.

Yep, that’s right.  Not only did the garbage man want to complain to my husband about where he left his tree limbs, but it was premeditated:  he actually carried a written note and post-it with him, so he could stick it onto our recycle bin.  Do you think he stayed up all night thinking about what he was going to say?  Did he have to carry it in a special pocket so it wouldn’t get wet?  Wow!

And then I apparently posted a “wanted” item on my local Freecycle site (where you can advertise things to give away for free, or things that are wanted) that was against the rules.  I had apparently committed a cardinal sin. The local Freecycle Guru Queen (I think she’s known as the moderator) sent me a rather condescending email telling me in CAPITAL letters of my infraction, and told me I was now going to be put on probation – My emails would now have to be reviewed to make sure they were appropriate!   (I was mystically transported back to kindergarten.) It was as if I had purposely strained my brain all night, trying to think up a way to advertise inappropriately, just to wreak havoc with the Freecycle group.  (When that happens, and that’s all I have to do, you’ll know I’m half brain dead).

Two strikes in one day!  You can’t beat that………Or can you???????

But all in all, if this is my example of a bad day, I guess I’m not doing that bad after all!

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