FUNNY KID STUFF…..(I think)…

It’s scary when a four-year-old attempts tricks that are usually featured in a place like the Guinness record books.  And sometimes funny.  But always surprising.

My grandson ran up to his mother, giggling, anxious to show her the trick he’d just come up with.  He put both index fingers into his nostrils (at least he wasn’t doing it with chop sticks for a walrus impression).  He said, “Look what I can do,” and then he blew.  And laughed some more.

My daughter thought it odd, and said, “Are you blowing air out of your ears?”  Not really expecting an affirmative answer.

“No, Mom,” he laughed.  “Out of my eyes!  It tickles!”


“What?” my daughter asked.  “Let me see.” 

And sure enough, air came through his eye sockets, and was tickling his eyeballs.

You might ask if he’d seen the man on TV who could drink milk, and make it shoot from his eyes.  And the answer would be “yes”.

I know – I have a very talented family.  Scary to think what his next trick will be.

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