Entering The Teenage Zone…

Yep, entering the Teenage Zone, once again.  Worse than the Twilight Zone.  I’ve been terrified of this since she was born, and now here we are.

It was a wake-up call for me.

We were driving to her softball game, and heard a rap song from the past that was a favorite. (Yes, you heard right – Rap. I still crank it up quite a bit.  Even to hip hop – yep, it gets you going).

 Anyway, we cranked it up.  But it wasn’t that ear-splitting, bass thumping loud.  Just normal loud.  I thought nothing of it.  I’ve always played my music loud . 

We finally got to her game, and dropped her at the curb in the parking lot.  “Good luck, sweetie.  I love you,” I told her.

“Thanks, I love you too,” she said.  Quickly followed by, “Could you turn the radio down please?” She waited for the turn of the volume knob, and then she opened the door.

As we went to find a parking space, I asked my husband, “Did you hear her?  That was cute.”

“What’s so cute about her being embarrassed we had the radio too loud?” he wanted to know.

Lightbulb moment!!

“Oh,” I answered.  “I thought she was worried about me not being able to hear her say ‘I love you’.”  


I know.  Naïve. 

And we have now entered The Teenage Zone.

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