I Need Terrifying….But Whose is Best???

  I received a special request from a young sailor in the Navy. He was just deployed to dangerous waters, and needs a diversion to help pass the long seven months it will take to come home. He wants books and graphic novels.  And not just any books – he wants scary.  Terrifying.  The scariest I can find.  He read Goosebumps and Harry Potter as a boy, and horror is really the only thing he likes to read (and my books, of course!).   So now….I need to find the scariest books out there.

Whose books are the scariest?  Stine, King, Koontz?  I’m looking for crazy scary.  No kiddy crap, was the request. Does anyone have any favorites? Please help me scare the uniform off this sailor, and send your ideas this way.  I’d love to know that when this sailor crawls into his coffin of a bunk and hunkers down against the darkness of the night, he can read until he scares himself silly, chasing the boredom back to the netherworld.  

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  1. Anything that shows your head or head and shoulders is fine Kirsche, as long as there are no sticky little fingers pulling at your face. Send it direct if you want. Thanks Pard.

  2. Ha! I’ll finally be a rogue! I’ve always wanted to be a rogue! I try very hard not to flash my picture around much, because I don’t take very good pictures. And most of the ones I have are with kids (go figure!). Can you cut out the headshot? Or do I need to send one of me and only me. Thanks for thinking of me, and looking forward to visiting the porch.

  3. Kirsche, I’ve been having a little fun with porch characters in my sidebar and I’d like to put you in the rogues gallery too. Now, I could have sworn I saw a picture you around here sometime, but I’m damned if I can find one now. Is there one?

  4. has he read IT or The Shining? The Shining scared me so bad I would just skim over paragraphs to get through it, IT was pretty scary too. I haven’t read any books like that as an adult so mine are pretty old

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