Focus on the Monkey Business, Not Just on the Monkey…..OOOPS!!

My ten-year-old creative boy reminded me that it was time to get his birthday party invitations sent.  As always, he opted to create his own invitation.  He had the perfect picture – a monkey in dreadlocks.  Cute.  He prepared most of the invitation, and then I finished it off.  He diligently printed them, and put them in large white envelopes, for distribution later at school.  My husband and I both looked at that invitation and thought it looked pretty good.  Here’s the funny monkey picture our minds were seeing.

But here’s the monkey picture that was actually in the invitation.

Oh S *#@!!

How could that happen?  I thought I’d been such a good mom to get those invitations out so quickly.  Holy Crap.

Fortunately only one got distributed (I’ll have to call his mother!) – the backpack was being held hostage at school because of a power outage, and thank God, the rest of the invitations were held hostage too.

Thanks to his big sis noticing the monkey’s unfortunate activity in the pic (as she laughed her ass off), we get a re-do, hopefully avoiding irate parents, and the school principal calling to tell me that my kid will be going to alternative school for the rest of the year.

Another testament to the fact that parents are required to have all-seeing eagle eyes, seeing everything – even the things so obvious you can’t miss!

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