Awesome post for parents and Quantum Physicists…

Lazy Hippie Mama

I am fascinated, captivated, enthralled and mildly obsessed with all things related to quantum physics.*  Understand that I’m not really actually smart enough to wrap my mind around most of it in any coherent way.  But I’ve done a fair amount of reading and I’ve applied my newly acquired knowledge to my life in some practical ways.  I thought I would share.

Quantum science says that EVERYTHING, in it’s most basic, elemental, form is just energy.  The concept of “real” or “imaginary” is purely a creation of the human mind to describe things that are tangible, or not, to our 5 physical senses.  Therefore I’ve come to understand that the pile of laundry that I THOUGHT needed folding was actually just a bundle of energy being interpreted by my brain as laundry.  It is not a physical thing and therefore does not need folding after all!

This means that I…

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