Father Time

Our constant companion. Always in our thoughts and conversations.
We bide time, waste time, spend time, lose time. We obsess over time, we regret there was not more time, we wish we had more time. We have a good time, we have a miserable time.
Time is so fluid, always moving, always changing. Ticking away second after second. Something that nothing can stop, not even death. We stop breathing, but time marches on.
But although time is forever on the run, it is actually the most constant thing in our lives. It’s a gift we’ve been given, and we’ve each been given exactly the same amount. EXACTLY. Every minute has sixty seconds, every hour – sixty minutes, every day – twenty-four hours. No more, no less. Ever. (At least until quantum physicists have a breakthrough). It’s the same for everyone.
Why do we abuse our gift? Lay blame on it when it is faultless.
I don’t have time, I’m out of time, I need more time, he has more time than I do.
We all have the same amount of time; it’s just a matter of how we choose to spend it. And inevitably, right or wrong, good or bad, we will always spend our time on what’s most important to us.
Maybe we don’t have time for something because we’ve chosen to spend our time doing something else. That’s our right, it’s always up to us.
Just don’t blame time for your priority line-up. You have the same amount as I do – no more, no less.
What have you not had time for lately?

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