You Could At Least Have Been Nice About It…

Closed8:03 PM.  That’s the time I rolled up to the FEDEX hub after driving like a maniac. I’ve been without my laptop for two and a half weeks – it’s been at Sony for repair.  The major novel revisions I need to do have been swirling around in my brain and under my skin and I need to do the work.  Not just think about it and make notes.


I heard the delivery man, but couldn’t get to the door in time.  No FEDEX box lay on my doorstep. Only the dreaded FEDEX sticker attached to my door, along with my disappointment.  NOOOOOO!!!!!

But wait!!!! The tag says I can pick up by 8:00.  Was this even possible? With a volleyball meeting at the high school after work, and then a little league game, could I do it? 

I drove like a maniac, and even got lost.  I think that trek around the small, newly-built subdivision was what did me in.  CRAP.

I finally arrived.  8:03.  There was a woman inside, at the counter.  Maybe there was hope. I pulled up to the front door and got out – mouthed the words “Are You Closed?” Then she looked me in the eye, nodded her head, swiped her badge on the reader, and retreated to the back room. 

No smile.  No “I’m sorry”. Only an empty counter to look at.

And no laptop. 

Crap again! Only my teenage daughter in the car prevented the obscenities from spewing like a geyser.

It would at least have been nice to receive a little kindness to temper my frustration.  Was it too much to expect some human empathy?  Something other than a cold stare and a retreat to the back room? Apparently so.

Well, at least she didn’t laugh at me, which would have been worse.

PS – I guess I could have spewed my obscenities after all.  My daughter said she would have shot her the bird.

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