A book review by Writers’ League of Texas. (Reviews of books written by Writers’ League of Texas members).



By Terry Shames

Published in 2014 by Seventh Street Books.

Dead Broke

Reviewed by L.S. Miller.

What does a small town in Texas do when they’re so broke the last two full-time members of the police force say, that’s it, we quit. The mayor of Jarrett Creek, Texas, begs the retired former chief of police to please help, at least till the town can recover from a joint venture with the area’s richest man, that went so far south, the town may not ever be able to recover.

For Samuel Craddock the answer is, why not? He isn’t doing much else and he knows the town and all the players. But he didn’t sign on for a murder investigation, even for a murder that took place only hours before he officially took the job. Wouldn’t the County Sheriff take care of that?

But the murder appears to have…

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