Social Justice And Empathy Deficiency

I am re-blogging this opinion piece – it has a lot of truth in it that we can all learn from.

A Mindful Chatterbox

I am a listener, and a good one at that. I have learned (through trial and error, reading, and lots of practice) the art of hearing the thoughts that hide behind words spoken. I am no mind reader, but I sometimes see shifts in other people’s minds as they try to cover up their true feelings, the key to the coded messages coming out of their mouths. My real desire in any real conversation is to discern what others are feeling, thinking, experiencing… this helps me respond appropriately.

When I talk about race and culture here on this blog, I am almost guaranteed to get someone from somewhere (usually white) who takes my posts extremely personally. Like, I am talking about their mamas personally. And maybe in some cases I am (though I would not know it). I feel the anger and fear pulsating behind the defensive stance they take…

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