By Mary Helen Specht

Published in 2015 by Harper Perennial.

Migratory Animals

 Reviewed by K.L. Romo.

What is family? What are family obligations? Where is home? How does love fit into the mix?  These are some of the questions Mary Helen Specht explores in her novel Migratory Animals.

Specht tells the story of six former college roommates, two of whom are sisters. Five have stayed in and around Austin, Texas, but the sixth, Flannery, moved to Nigeria as part of her scientific work regarding climate change. But when funding becomes an issue, Flannery is required to move back to Austin where she is thrust back into the lives of her family and friends. The push-and-pull of different ways of life, and Flannery’s longing to live one while staying with the other, is also a central theme. What plays a part in a person’s answer to the question should…

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