Writers’ League of Texas – Agents & Editors Conference – Day One

imagesMy first day at the Writers’ League of Texas 2015 Agents and Editors Conference was awesome. It’s amazing what a mix of writers there are here – from poetry to memoir to fiction, I think there are authors from every genre represented.

It’s great to be around people who are crazy about writing; who are crazy about books. These people know what it’s like to get a rejection letter. Or twenty. But so many of them also know what it’s like to get an agent, and have their work published by a major house. Everyone is rooting for each other, trying to help each other in our quests to become published authors.

It’s also nice to socialize with agents and editors. They really are real people (even though so many times it seems they’re not – only the gatekeepers who won’t give us entry into the world of publishing). But I can understand how daunting it must be to receive hundreds of queries that require consideration, and how one person only has so much time, and can only represent so many clients.

I tried my first oral pitch last night at a cocktail party. The agent was so gracious when I told her I was nervous. And she didn’t just want to hear my ten-second elevator pitch – she actually asked for more of the story. And she also asked for a query. I also have two consultations set up for today – I am praying to the literary Gods that I can intelligently describe what my books are about.

I can see from attending this conference that it’s definitely more effective, and means so much more, to connect with people – authors, instructors, agents and editors – face to face, in person. Not just digitally.

I truly appreciate the chance to attend this conference, and am more inspired than ever to be part of this community, and help others like me in any way I can.

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