The Writers’ League of Texas 2015 Agents & Editors Conference…

CIhKJYwVAAEqs2I (2)I’ve never been interested in attending a conference before; never really been interested in chit-chatting with strangers. As I previously said, I’m not a mingler; the cocktail party thing is hard for me. But it’s now occurred to me that maybe this has less to do with the party, and more to do with who’s at the party!

At the Writers’ League of Texas 2015 Agents & Editors Conference, I talked to more people I didn’t know than I ever have, and I wasn’t shy about it. They actually wanted to meet me (except for the old couple on the elevator who I thought were discussing the hotel construction, but I guess not – the old man let me know he didn’t want me in their conversation!).

The people who attended had the same loves that I do – writing and books. I did meet one woman who apparently could only self-promote – I never did hear her say anything that didn’t have to do with her skill and fortune; never heard her ask anyone else about their work. But other than that woman, everyone was eager to know what I was working on, and eager to tell me about their projects.

One of the best things about the conference was the positive energy and attitudes that everyone had. Yes, it’s rare to have your first novel turn into a best-seller. But it could happen. One of the main messages I heard over and over in the presentations is that authors should continually strive to write well, and NEVER give up. If we just keep doing that, we will eventually have success.

The positivity, friendliness, helpfulness, and inspiration of all involved in the conference was so motivating that I can’t wait to go back next year. And I encourage all you authors out there to pencil it in on your mental calendars. It’s worth it!

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