Review of Blood Defense by Marcia Clark (Yes, THE Marcia Clark)

Blood DefenseWow!! Talk about your killer endings!!

Samantha Brinkman is a sassy, no-nonsense criminal defense attorney with a run-down office in the middle of LA’s gang territory.  She defends the worst-of-the-worst – many of them ruthless gang-bangers that scare the crap out of her.

Samantha is barely able to make ends meet. Her paralegal and life-long friend, Michelle, makes sure the utilities are paid before the electricity is shut off. Her investigator, Alex – a former client who’s a genius at computer hacking – is ready to prove himself by being the best investigator anyone has ever seen – following his “how to” book to the letter, until Sam is sick of hearing him quote “the book.”

Samantha’s law office is turned upside down when Dale Pearson, the defendant in a double murder – and a Hollywood homicide detective – asks Sam to represent him. A strange request since she is pro-defendant all the way, known for painting a dim view of prosecutors, and consequently the police department, in the courtroom.

Then Sam’s world implodes when she learns who Dale really is. She’s got to decide if she’ll defend him, and if so, how?

Blood Defense is a fast-paced, action-packed courtroom drama, gift-wrapped as a murder mystery, but unexpectedly morphing into a psychological thriller. I love Samantha’s character – a slightly-damaged, no-nonsense woman with a great mind, street-smarts, courage, and an overdose of irreverence, who does whatever’s necessary to defend her clients, even the ones that terrify her.  But Sam is not a woman easily intimidated, and even when she is, her clients just might need to expect the unexpected. Samantha Brinkman isn’t used to playing nice.

And the ending made my jaw drop!

Thank you Marcia Clark!  Can’t wait to read about Sam’s next case!

(And thank you Thomas & Mercer for providing me with an advance copy for review!)

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