DNA Reconstructed in New Domestic Thriller – MOTHER KNOWS BEST by Kira Peikoff

Cover of novel – a woman’s braided pony tail


That’s what the press called her—the girl with DNA from two mothers instead of one. Abby was a miracle, her DNA stitched together, genetically modified to prevent transmission of a fatal disease. But at what price?

In Kira Peikoff’s new thriller, MOTHER KNOWS BEST, it’s been three years since Claire Abrams’s son passed away, and she desperately wants to have another child. But her son died from the defective DNA he’d inherited from her.

My defective genes. Too late, I learned that the crucial energy producing parts of my DNA carry a code for faulty wiring. My own invisible flaw became my immutable legacy, magnified and unfixable in every one of his cells.”

Read the rest of my review, and interview with Kira Peikoff, in THE BIG THRILL magazine here.

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