The Joke’s on Hitler in Novel THE VENTRILOQUISTS by E. R. Ramzipoor

Cover of novel surrounded by burning buildings

Is there anything more intriguing than learning about a little known but magnificent piece of history? In E.R. Ramzipoor’s epic debut novel based on a true story, The Ventriloquists (Park Row Books), courage and fortitude raise the middle finger to Hitler and the Third Reich.

Hitler had invaded Belgium three years prior. The Nazi regime had stolen the voice of the people—their words and thoughts. “The Nazis permitted artists to work their trade as long as their pens were dull, their canvases simple and muted.” It is now October 1943. The director of the German Ministry of Perception Management, Gruppenführer August Wolff, devises a scheme to use members of the Front de l’ Independence resistance movement to create black propaganda for the Nazis. His objective: to publish the resistance newspaper, La Libre Belgique, as propaganda to brainwash Belgian citizens into believing the Allies are their enemy. It will be a Nazi “propaganda bomb.”

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