Review of WITHIN PLAIN SIGHT and Interview With Bruce Robert Coffin

A staged body missing its head sends Detective Sergeant John Byron of the Portland, Maine, police department on a chase for the killer. In WITHIN PLAIN SIGHT, author Bruce Robert Coffin takes readers into a murder investigation that has plenty of suspects with motive—but few clues.

With a new police chief breathing down his neck, Byron is on the hunt for the person who murdered a young woman and cut off her head, which they haven’t yet found. The MO is eerily similar to a rash of slayings in Boston by a serial killer dubbed The Horseman. Although the press jumps to the conclusion that the killer is the same, Byron and Detective Melissa Stevens know the danger of making assumptions. Keeping an open mind is the key to solving murders. Assumptions could not only lead them in the wrong direction, but could get them killed.

Read the rest of my review and interview at The Big Thrill.

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