Sisters, Secrets, and Ties That Bind in LAST DAY by Luanne Rice

Two sisters, part of a pact of “blood-sister” best friends—the Compass Rose. One of them is murdered. In LAST DAY, prolific author Luanne Rice explores how secrets can lurk just under the surface of seemingly perfect lives, shocking friends and family who are certain they know a person inside and out.

Beth Lathrop is dead. After the police break down the door, her sister Kate finds her pregnant body lying on its side in bed, broken and strangled. Beth meant everything to Kate, and now she’s gone.

Twenty-three years earlier, a robbery took place at the family art gallery. To steal Ben Morrison’s priceless painting, Moonlight, the thieves bound and gagged the sisters and their mother in the basement. The girls watched their mother choke to death while the three were tied together, their lives torn apart.

Read the rest of my review in The Big Thrill.

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