MY DARLING HUSBAND by Kimberly Belle

Even Fairytale Lives Can Have Deadly Secrets

Cover of Book – A Woman Looking Over a Man’s Shoulder

In her newest thriller, MY DARLING HUSBAND, bestselling author Kimberly Belle shows what can happen when even the very best spouse keeps secrets.

Jade Lasky is sure she sees a man following her, but her famous-chef husband, Cam, thinks she’s just being paranoid. Why would anyone want to harm them? Yes, they have multiple restaurants, a beautiful home, and a happy family, but they’re not wealthy.

When Jade and the kids—six-year-old Baxter and nine-year-old Beatrix—pull into their garage after Beatrix’s violin practice, Jade was distracted and didn’t sense the man hiding in the corner, dressed in all black, wearing a ski mask, and holding a gun.

Jade doesn’t know who the man is, but something about him seems familiar.

He takes Jade and the children into the house where he will hold them until a ransom is paid. Jade knows the money shouldn’t be a problem—Cam is a well-known chef whose face was on the cover of Atlanta Magazine. His name is synonymous with high-end dining, with luxury.

But what Jade doesn’t know is that Cam has been hiding his devastating situation—he’s broke. As he admits to himself, “Atlanta’s Steak King is in hock up to his rent-a-crown. Lasky Steak is a house of cards. My success is a sham.”

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