48 HOURS TO KILL by Andrew Bourelle

Countdown to Find a Killer

Cover of Book – Dashboard of a Car With Man Driving

What would you do if your jailers granted you 48 hours of freedom?

In Andrew Bourelle’s newest thriller, 48 HOURS TO KILL, Ethan Lockhart will leave prison unmonitored to attend his sister’s funeral. But he’ll also spend each precious minute trying to find her killer.

Ethan and Abby Lockhart had been the closest of siblings. Their mother worked all the time to pay the bills, so she entrusted Ethan to watch over Abby. She adored her older brother, who always made sure she was taken care of and safe. They were each other’s “number one.”

But that changed when Ethan turned 21 and worked as a bouncer at a local strip club, Dark Secrets. He soon began running errands for the club’s owner, Shark, a local kingpin in organized crime. He was traveling so much, he hardly had time for Abby during her high school years.

When Abby and her best friend, Whitney, see news footage of Ethan’s arrest on TV, their world implodes.

The court sentences Ethan to 10 years in prison for robbing a casino. He doesn’t even consider telling the authorities who else was involved in the heist.

Now the prison is releasing Ethan for exactly 48 hours to attend Abby’s funeral. She’s been missing for three weeks. Although law enforcement never found her body, they’d decided that since she’d left almost two liters of blood—confirmed with DNA to be hers—at the crime scene, there was no way she could still be alive.

Ethan can’t help but try to find her killer. 

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