NEVER COMING HOME – A Novel by Hannah Mary McKinnon

Even Brilliant Murderers Can Come Undone

Cover of Book – Picture of Woman in Lighted Window

In her newest thriller NEVER COMING HOME, bestselling author Hannah Mary McKinnon tells the story of a murder for hire that goes terribly wrong.

Lucas Forester knows he’s smart—always has been. When he was a boy, living with his dad on the streets of Manchester, England, he’d started his own business—hacking into his teachers’ computers and downloading test papers, then selling them to other students. But his ultimate genius was how he’d transformed himself into a refined gentleman who snagged a beautiful, über wealthy socialite for a wife. Her family is stinking rich. He’d finally made it.

Or at least he thought he had until Michelle’s family insisted he sign a prenup. But no matter—instead of divorce, he’ll just have to kill her. Or have her killed. Murder’s not really his thing.

All things considered, his life is pretty good now. He lives in luxury, his stingy father-in-law is dead, his mother-in-law, Nora, has terminal cancer, and now Michelle is missing—her kidnapping captured on video. According to Lucas, “I didn’t hate Michelle, and I should probably make that perfectly clear at this point. How could I when she would give me everything I’d ever wanted?”

Lucas works in IT recruitment, but he should have become an actor. He’s been convincing as a loving and grieving husband. No one would ever suspect him. But as the charade continues, someone leaves him notes with Michelle’s picture and messages. Someone knows what he did. But how can they? He’s sure it’s a mistake. He’s been so careful.

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