DANCE AMONG THE FLAMES – A Novel by Tori Eldridge

Brazilian Magic and the Battle Between Good and Evil

Cover of Novel – A Painting of Flames

Award-winning author Tori Eldridge’s newest novel, DANCE AMONG THE FLAMES, is like a modern-day fable on steroids, with Brazilian flair.

Serafina Olegario grew up in the Brazilian slums, but she vows that she and her son will escape from poverty. When she was just a teen, the Queen of Wind and Rain—Yansã—possessed her, allowing Serafina to fight for justice through the old slave religion, Umbanda. She also visits her past life as a priest in 1560 France who orders a suspected witch to burn at the stake. As time passes, Serafina craves more power and becomes a master of Quimbanda magic—she’s a medium to the gods—and uses erotic sexuality in her rituals to gain control and cause devastation to those who cross her.

American painter Michael Cross falls in love with Adriana, Serafina’s granddaughter, during an art show in Brazil. But he’s also connected to Serafina in another way: He’s the modern incarnation of the boy who owed his life to the woman sacrificed in 1560. His entire life, he’s considered himself mentally ill because of the visions and voices that have plagued him since he was a boy. But he’s about to learn that his soul has been fighting an epic battle raging through the centuries. Michael has been Serafina’s nemesis for almost 500 years.

As Serafina and Michael’s paths intersect in the present, the forces of good and evil fight for control.

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