RED WARNING – A (Spy) Novel by Matthew Quirk

You Just Thought the Cold War Was Over

Front of Book – Lincoln Memorial Overlaid with Russian Flag

In his timely new spy thriller, RED WARNING, bestselling author Matthew Quirk takes on Russian aggression within the boundaries of the United States.

CIA agent Sam Hudson isn’t just your average spy. He’s a NOC—a CIA operative working under nonofficial cover. He’s on his own for clandestine missions. Sam’s obsession with finding a Russian deep-cover agent known as Konstantin, whom he suspects is plotting a terror campaign on American soil, consumes him. Many think the ghostly Russian operative is just a folktale, but Sam knows he’s real, and he’s ready to strike. He’s sure Konstantin will use fear to control the Americans.

Konstantin has been dormant in a long-term sleeper cell of an old Soviet sabotage campaign from before the fall of the USSR. This Russian faction, long dormant, plans to ignite World War III.

Emily Pierce works in Russia House, a group within the FBI focusing on Russian aggression. She believes Sam’s obsession with Konstantin is irrational—she isn’t even sure he’s real. But as terrorists target Washington, DC, and Emily has no choice but to work with Sam to prevent more destruction—but becomes an FBI suspect.

As Sam and Emily hunt Konstantin and try to determine what violent acts he’s planning, neither knows who they can trust, including each other.

This timely “what if” story of espionage and Russian terror will have readers considering the unthinkable.

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