THE WIDOW – A Novel by Kaira Rouda

Power, Politics, and Self-Preservation

Cover of Novel – Woman in Evening Gown Wearing Pearls

Jody Asher was destined for greatness—she and husband Martin have always been the golden couple in DC. But that might change when carefully laid plans unravel. In her spine-tingling, creepy thriller, THE WIDOW, bestselling author Kaira Rouda spotlights the power dynamics of Washington’s political elite.

The Honorable Martin Asher has been the Democratic senator representing Ohio for 30 years. Yes, he’s always been charismatic—a self-made man of the people—but Jody knows there’s so much more that’s required to stay successful in Washington, and of course, she’s the power behind their success.

When she notices Martin giving his attention to his congressional intern, Jody must send him a message. Just a few drops—from the vial Jody carries—in his food and he’ll soon get that message: Bad behavior results in pain.

Jody’s proud that, for the most part, she’s “resisted her worst urges.” She doesn’t feel things like normal people but is skilled at pretending. Jody has excelled at practicing her “sympathy and empathy” games. And she’s learned how to love her daughter, Charlotte.

Martin knows he owes his success to Jody—she’s been the ramrod behind his political prosperity. But would he have married her if he’d known about her dark side? In law school, their superpower was posing as people they weren’t. That was a necessity to get what they wanted.

When Martin becomes the center of a criminal investigation, followed by the press probing into his relationship with the intern, Jody must act. She is a tenured senior spouse, and she plans to remain in power no matter what. Even if Martin is not by her side.

But Jody also knows that, regardless of how high on the food chain you are, there’s always someone hungrier ready to take your place.

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