THE KIND TO KILL – A Novel by Tessa Wegert

My Cousin the Serial Killer

Cover of Book – A Bridge in Fog

“It was on the eighth day that I decided to kill him.”

That is the first line in award-winning author Tessa Wegert’s newest Shana Merchant thriller, THE KIND TO KILL.

As a New York State police investigator, Shana is an expert in finding the missing. But her familial connection to the serial killer Blake Bram, her cousin, leaves the locals distrusting her. Why, she doesn’t understand—although she’d been best friends with Bram when they were kids, he’d carved up her face 15 years before, then kidnapped her too. Shana’s family couldn’t accept the fact that Bram was a sadistic sociopath, and they blamed her for his demise.

Bram was obsessed with Shana and had kidnapped women to take her place. When each disappointed him, he killed them. Although Bram died at Shana’s hand, women once again go missing in Upstate New York’s Alexandria Bay—Shana’s home. Local law enforcement won’t accept the present danger; they don’t want to scare away vacationers to their annual Pirate Days celebration—their biggest money-maker of the year.

Shana feels like “a public spectacle. A pariah. A grotesque.” But she’s got work to do.

Can Shana stop the serial kidnappings and killings in her own town, even when her community holds a grudge because of her relationship with Bram?

With her latest release, Wegert explores how violent crime not only devastates the family of the victim but divides the family of the perpetrator as well.

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