The House Guest – A Novel by Hank Phillippi Ryan


Cover of Novel – Woman Wearing Hat, Sunglasses, and Necklace

In her twisty-turny signature style, bestselling author Hank Phillippi Ryan’s newest thriller, THE HOUSE GUEST, takes readers inside the life of a woman whose entire existence is turned inside out.

Alyssa Macallen has devoted the last eight years to giving her husband, Bill, everything he wanted, including changing her name from Alice—he’d said she was “more like an Alyssa.”

Now he’s gone, telling her when he left a month ago that he “needed a break.” “Bill had subtracted her from his life. That was easy math.” He’d also taken every single friend. And now, Alyssa doesn’t know who she if she isn’t “Bill’s wife.” She knows she has to change that, though—her life is a sham.

Avoiding her lonely house—which Bill designed according to his tastes—she goes out for a martini to take the edge off her sadness. At the bar, Alyssa meets a woman more down on her luck than she is. It feels good to focus on someone else’s troubles. Bree Lorrance needs help, and Alyssa intends to give it to her—she offers Bree her guest house.

Soon, Alyssa is embroiled in a sinister and twisted game of cat and mouse that spirals into a vortex of secrets and lies.

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