WHAT HAVE WE DONE by Alex Finlay


Cover of Book: Silhouette of People Walking Through Trees in Fog

They guard a secret that just might get them killed.

In his newest thriller WHAT HAVE WE DONE, bestselling author Alex Finlay uses compelling characterizations and an intriguing plot to explore childhood trauma, how it shapes the people we become, and how committing a terrible act forever binds those involved.

Twenty-five years ago, five foster kids shot bullets into a hole in the ground, standing around its perimeter, then pushed the dirt back with their hands to hide the evidence. They hoped this would stop the abuse they suffered at their foster home, Savior House.

Now grown, Jenna thought she was done with the clandestine and dangerous part of her life. She’d left The Corporation behind. She’s married to Simon—a tax lawyer and widower—and raising his three girls.

Aging rock and roller, Donnie Danger, just ended his three months of sobriety. His best friend and fellow foster home resident, Benny, had been like a brother, and now he’s dead. Donnie’s trying to hold it together for his band’s performance on the Legends of Rock Cruise, but the band made it clear they were through with him.

Nico is now the executive producer of the most popular reality show on cable, The Miners. When the star of the show sends him a text to meet him down in the mine after hours, Nico thinks it’s odd, but goes anyway.

Tech guru and successful businessman, Artemis Templeton—they’d called him Arty—barely escaped execution in an assassination attempt gone wrong.

All these years later, someone with a bizarre but deadly pneumatic weapon is trying to kill them. Why? What is the connection to their desperate deed at Savior House when they were kids? If they can’t figure out what’s going on, they’ll end up dead.

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